Songs of the Cannes Film Festival – watch here

I am in Cannes Film Festival for 10 days as i have a short film in. I could not help but hear the songs that Cannes sang to me, including the most incredible red carpet in the world, the Lumiere red carpet.

This year I went to the premieres of MAD MAX, AMY, MARGUERITE ET JULIEN and  ASSASSINS, all competition films. I loved MAD MAX the best especially as I was sitting four rows in front of the cast and crew including Charlize Theron, her guest Sean Penn, George Miller and Tom Hardy.

I apologise that I had to shoot this special edition myself but I had booked a cameraman and he went awol, lost on a yacht somewhere and couldnt find his way back to shore in time. Such is Cannes, so I shot this on my selfie stick and my iPhone 😉

Enjoy and episode 3 of SONGS OF SOHO is out this Wed 11.30am, find it here!!.

the singing psychic on amy RED Carpet premiere at cannes film festival 2015cannes lumiere

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