Gemini horoscope reading by The Singing Psychic

I have been asked by so many of my fans about their horoscope signs. Obviously such readings are always general but I have bowed down to the weight of their demands to record a series of horoscope video so here is the Gemini zodiac sign reading.

I have to tell the truth as The Singing Psychic, I have to tell you what songs I really do hear. Thus you may find it useful if you are dating a Gemini, they are always fun and sociable but there are downsides you need to know to manage your expectations in the relationships. so watch the video to see all revealed.

Please note this is a genuine psychic reading and any resemblances to my Gemini ex boyfriend are purely coincidental.

Gemini compatibility is very based on their need to be surrounded by people and they, as the sign of the twins do not like to be alone. So do not expect them to be faithful on long distance relationships, obviously there is the odd exception, normally if they have Cancer or Scorpio rising signs.


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About me: I am a psychic, a comic, a singer and yes an actress. So I have learnt to truly be open to read people’s hearts and their songs.