The Curzon Soho sings of movies & Tinder

Here it is my darlings, Episode 6 of my Songs Of Soho webseries where I reveal what the buildings themselves sing to me 😉

I  walk through a world of music: people’s hearts sing to me and even buildings themselves can’t help but sing their songs to me. Nowhere in the world do the buildings sing as loudly as in Soho, London, the ‘Wild West End’ of Europe, for centuries the centre of sexual freedom for all and the right to be who you want to be. Soho welcomes all from drag queens, hookers, the LGBT community and party goers of every sexuality and dress sense.


The Curzon Soho is in danger of being another victim of Crossrail ;( so join the Save Soho campaign #savesoho

The first ever cabaret comedy webseries perhaps coming from my open heart to yours!

More details including my next live London shows at Tour dates page

  • Monday 17th August to Saturday 22nd August 2015,   9.15pm each evening  £10/£8 concessions

Tristan Bates Theatre, Part of Camden Fringe, details and bookings on–camden-fringe-2015