TV studio interview at London Live –

Darlings, I know how excited you all have been to watch me last night on TV! It was wonderful to be able to touch out and reach more hearts. I had my very first TV studio interview on Live from London 7 to 8pm on the fabulous and forward London Live Channel.

The female energy was strong as well on set last night as the presenter Alex, the producers, camerawomen and director were all female in the room. how wonderful women are really working for themselves. There was even a mention of the London craft beer festival where they were mixing chocolate and beer – no doubt for the ladies 😉 i am looking for the catch up link so I will post when i have found it but here are a couple of photos.


I do like to keep the tradition of a bathroom selfie at every show or event I do – i think its my spirit Edith Piaf that inspires this, she does like people to understand the backstage of being a performer. yes we all do use mirrors – a little beautification is always a good thing!

I was there to talk all about my show that start this Monday, 17th August for Camden Fringe. i have 6 shows from Mon 17th to Sat 22nd August

The Singing Psychic Camden Fringe shows August 17th-22nd 2015
at Tristan Bates.

My next live London shows

Mon 17 – Sat 22 Aug, 9.15pm
Tickets £10 / £8 concs.
Camden fringe aug 15 show details and booking here

here is the trailer for the shows.