My live readings online tomorrow & exclusive interview!

I, The Singing Psychic, am doing more live readings on air for my gorgeous listeners so if you want to come on the show live let me know by tweet include #singingpsychic on @singpsychic or on her Facebook page.

Alternatively tweet me your birthday and I can do a live reading for you and indeed even you and your partner! Or you can watch live or on re-play here – just click

Also this week on the Google Hangout there is an exclusive chat with Marysia, singer/songwriter, as they discuss ‘Londontown’ – the theme music for the webseries SONGS OF SOHO.

Andrew Hyde who has produced and mixed a monster version of the single as a West end mix has also let us reveal to you a bit of the new remix.
The Singing Psychic walks through a world of music and she reads the music in peoples hearts. it’s going to be an exciting show!