Singing Psychic & the Cannes Film Festival

Yes my darlings I was there at the Cannes Film Festival to do a private gig, do some readings and the odd bit of filming ;))

Unlike last year when I walked the red carpet and did the premiere of the AMY documentary at Cannes, this year my Singing Psychic duties kept me on yachts and with the free champagne. Next year I need to spend less time on the yachts as there are so many water songs and death by sea coming at me, it takes a lot of my energy to keep focused!

sp amy premier 1

sp amy premiere 2

In 2015 my Amy premierered carpet appearance was caught and used on the Dubai Fashion TV as one of the ‘Best of Cannes 2015’ looks – I kid you not, my friend saw it there and screamed a lot whilst watching me. I can foresee far more worldwide adventures to come myself.
However here is a shot of me this year at Cannes doing my Song of the week reading.
Cannes Film festival 2016 The singing psychic

The video is my SONGS OF CANNES last year 😉


Next up for me is a London gig 28th May, my forthcoming SONGS OF BREXIT, then I am off to Prague to do 4 shows June 1st to 4th and shoot SONGS OF PRAGUE.