Gemini horoscope reading by The Singing Psychic

I have been asked by so many of my fans about their horoscope signs. Obviously such readings are always general but I have bowed down to the weight of their demands to record a series of horoscope video so here is the Gemini zodiac sign reading. I have to tell the truth as The Singing […]

Madame Jojo’s: Episode 1 is up of my webseries Songs Of Soho!

Here is the very first episode of my webseries SONGS OF SOHO that’s just premiered online. I reveal the songs that the buildings sing to me. As you know I, The Singing Psychic, walks through a world of music: people’s hearts sing to me and even buildings themselves can’t help but sing their songs to […]

Songs Of Soho – the trailer for the webseries

Here it is! The teaser trailer for my webseries Songs Of Soho. It is all dreadfully exciting!! The 13 episode series premieres next Wednesday 6th May 11.30am GMT, find it here and on my YouTube channel 😉 The series is all about the songs that the Soho buildings and streets themselves sing to me. They […]

Advice to my fans wanting 50 Shades Of Grey relationship

Hello my dears! Please enjoy my YouTube advice video as so many of you have written asking how to have a more 50 Shades Of Grey relationship. Enjoy! Please Like, share, comment and subscribe to my The Singing Psychic YouTuibe Channel, you won’t regret it! If you do have any questions or would like to […]

Thanks & On stage moments of The Singing Psychic

I just wanted to thank all the lovely people who came to my ‘The Singing Psychic’ show this Thursday at the Tristan Bates Theatre in the West End of London. It was pretty much a sell out show, just three or so empty seats and you, my beautiful audience were just fabulous and you all […]

The Singing Psychic comes to London’s West End

Hello to all the beautiful people out there wanting to know more about how to change their lives using my gifts as The Singing Psychic! Tonight, 6pm Thursday Feb 19th at the Tristan Bates Theatre I will be performing, so come along if you want live audience readings! link for gig details