Weekly advice & Singing Psychic Does Prague trailer

Hello darlings, yes I am hearing ‘Get here’ today so I know you must have a look at where you can travel to see loved ones, they miss you more than you know as you rush around doing your normal life. So my advice this week is re-connect not via social media but actually take a walk with a friend, fly to see family, whatever it takes. It’s all about quality time and keep your phone IN your pocket, don’t be constantly distracted by what the world might be doing, focus at the person in front of you.

I have just uploaded my Prague Festival Fringe 2016 video trailer, with a preciew of my forthcoming SONGS OF PRAGUE webseries so catch a look even if you are not planning to fly to Prague to see my shows June 1st to 4th 2016. Although I can ‘feel’ some will 😉


I will start my SONGS OF PRAGUE webseries next Tues May 10th at 11.30, it will be weekly and then I will do some more whilst I am in Prague with live coverage 😉

I also am doing a guarantee – On opening night, Wed June 1st everyone will get a song reading (if they want one!), even if I have to finish them in the bar after the show or next day – June 1st show guarantee only.
I normally manage to read through half my audience at a show but thought it be great for the first night to guarantee short readings ;))

All the details for my shows are as follows
Show: The Singing Psychic Does Prague Venue: Divadlo Inspirace
Dates: June 1st – 4th 2016, Time: 21.15-22.15
Prague Fringe  www.fringe.cz   
Tickets http://www.ts1.cz

In the video the nightclub drink – Image courtesy of ponsuwan at FreeDigitalPhotos.net