Episodes 13 to 16 all live ;)

Hello, yes my Songs of Brexit episodes are still appearing daily 😉 So enjoy here or you can watch all on my Daily Motion The Singing Psychic channel

Episode 13 ‘Gotta move these refrigerators’ Big v Small Corporations – This episode is all about how depending on whether you work for, or are a big or small company, how the EU effects you. For small business all the EU red tape can make the difference between a profit and a loss, however for big business all the EU standardisation of packaging, legal requirements etc lead to economies of scale over 28 member states.

Episode 14 ‘Marry a lawyer’
This is about all the EU legislations embedded within the UK legal system.

Episode 15
Episode 15 looks at the EU opt-outs. The UK has more opt-outs than any other country including not being forced to have the Euro, be in a European superstate or part of a European army

Episode 16
‘If you love me, say that you love me’
What other EU nations think of the UK referendum and the current situations of Turkey and Switzerland.