Songs of Brexit episodes 1-3 are now live!

Hello my dears, thank you for being here. Here it is, my comedy webseries SONGS OF BREXIT which launches today, ahead of my Edinburgh Fringe run this summer. I am currently doing shows at the Prague Fringe Festival. Episode 1

EP 1 'Should I stay or should i go now' Songs… by TheSingingPsychic

Confused how to vote at the EU referendum? Watch SONGS OF BREXIT!   No yelling, balanced facts but with song.  Is the only rational pros and cons debate on Brexit by a  Singing Psychic?

Songs of Brexit  – 17 episode webseries by The Singing Psychic         Episode 1 link here

The Singing Psychic walks through a world of music but all Londoners hearts are just singing ‘Should I stay or should I go now’ as they worry about Brexit.
In response to this The Singing Psychic has made a 17 episode webseries covering all the areas of the Brexit debate from the composition of the UK economy, immigration and single farm payment.

17 episodes 2 minutes each    Launches Friday 3rd June 2016  First 3 episodes up, then every weekday at 10 am culminating in a live stream on June 23rd at the Houses Of Parliament.