Song of the week: Watch your body language

Hello darlings!! Yes I am back from the Cannes Film festival where my predictions of needing my Polish blood to get through all the free rose and champagne of course came true.

Song of the week: “Money, money, money’

‘Money, Money, Money, it’s so funny in a rich man’s world” yes this week’s song reading is that you have champagne tastes and a beer bottle pocket. You need to stop spending money you haven’t got, a little restraint will make your bank manager happy. Look at what expenses you have coming out this and […]

Song of the week forecast: Cherish what you have today

Hello darlings, hope you having a fabulous weekend. The sun is finally peeking through across Europe and the song i can hear that is influencing your week ahead is ‘7 weeks’ Lukas Graham’, especially the following lyrics: “I only see my goals, I don’t believe in failure, Cos i know the smallest voices, they can […]

Weekly advice & Singing Psychic Does Prague trailer

Hello darlings, yes I am hearing ‘Get here’ today so I know you must have a look at where you can travel to see loved ones, they miss you more than you know as you rush around doing your normal life. So my advice this week is re-connect not via social media but actually take […]

The Singing Psychic Advent calendar – new one up each day ;)

Darlings – I hope you are having a fabulous December and enjoying all the office parties. I asked some of my fans to tell me their favourite Christmas songs and have doneย  readings on what this says about their current head and heart space! Each day a new one is uploaded onto YouTube and Facebook. […]

Reading of Marysia plus exclusive 30 sec trailer to Londontown the single!

Here is a special interview where I, The Singing Psychic, read Marysia at Andrew John Hyde’s studio where he filmed us in the very place where he produced the West End remix of Londontown, the title track from my SONGS OF SOHO webseries. It finishes with a 30 second exclusive glimpse of the track. Let […]

My live readings online tomorrow & exclusive interview!

I, The Singing Psychic, am doing more live readings on air for my gorgeous listeners so if you want to come on the show live let me know by tweet include #singingpsychic on @singpsychic or on her Facebook page. Alternatively tweet me your birthday and I can do a live reading for you and indeed […]