Rege-Jean Page SNL + ‘Born Ready’ new Podcast

There is a Singing Psychic podcast now, it is weekly and each Sunday I reveal the #SongOfTheWeek for you to be guided. I suggest you listen to it daily for the next 7 days to inspire you. I also take a look at songs around when people are born, news items and sometimes some audience readings as well. Link is below to podcast 😉

Listen to “‘Born Ready’ + SNL Rege-Jean Page appearance #songoftheweek” on Spreaker.

The #Songoftheweek is  The Disco Fries ‘Born Ready’  inspired by Rege-Jean Paul’s appearance on Saturday Night Live. The actor who has seen a sudden rise to fame after his steamy turn as the Duke Of Hastings in Bridgerton used this opportunity to show off his comedic skills, sang a few songs  and even in a couple of the SNL sketches did an American accent.

Talk about an actor grabbing their moment and showing how born ready they are.. .  ‘Born Ready’ is also echoed as the actor in character as the Duke saying he was  ‘born ready’ ( Bridgerton Episode 3  5mins 40 secs).

But how is this relevant to us all in the #songoftheweek ? It tells us that where we are not born ready,  to get ready. We only have a few more  months of this lockdown so  where you have a goal you should focus on getting it done.

Ask yourself where you need to get ready

What do you need to do in your life to be as ready as Rege-Jean one when his SNL moment came.

Also as per the second tune I play this week ‘Dua Lipa ‘New Rules’ 

What do you need to give up to get ready?

We all need to give things up and make changes …’If you are under him, you aint getting over him’ is correct.. move on and up wiuth your habits (please note I am not talking about the actor at this point. If you are under him please carry on  – listeners calm down he has a partner already)

Rege-Jean in his opening SNL monologue noted he has been in Roots and also played a high powered lawyer but he completely used this star turn as a way to make other see his greater potential. The inspired ‘off the cuff’ singing of Unchained Melody to swooning cast members means I see a Broadway musical coming his way as well.

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