My hit EdFringe show coming to London + my new Game Show

Trailer for my London gigs

The Singing Psychic brings her hit EdFringe… by TheSingingPsychic
My hit Edinburgh Festival Fringe show is coming to London in October 2016, I even had to book extra shows in at EdFringe by popular demand.

With live audience readings and stories of how The Singing Psychic discovered her extraordinary psychic gifts, this fun-filled show of song, spookily accurate relationship advice and explanation of why some celebrities are fated to go wild, could transform you!

The Singing Psychic reads the songs in people’s hearts and also the music around her in the environment, she literally walks through a world of music.

Just like an astrologer who looks at both the stars’ alignment when someone is born as well as their current positions, so The Singing Psychic looks at the songs she can hear in your heart right now as well as the songs that were around when you were in your mother’s womb.

Although the show has a huge interactive element with the audience, the heart of the show is a solo theatre piece on following your dreams, parental pressures and what it takes to truly embrace yourself just as you are, directed by Colin Watkeys (Ken Campbell, Claire Dowie director)

The Singing Psychic idea first came when Marysia Trembecka was doing some homework for a radio sketch writing course a decade ago, The first short solo performances were done in 2014 which included 6 hours of one to one readings where Marysia discovered The Singing Psychic actually is reverse Method Acting, as the character Marysia created actually turned out to be psychic. Her ability to ‘read’ the songs and the audiences is uncanny, although she always veers onto the comedy side. However thousands of readings later, the ‘coincidences’ keep piling up. As far as we are aware, The Singing Psychic is the first psychic to use music as a psychic foretelling tool.

The Singing Psychic is bringing her hit EdFringe show back to London, last time we sold-out at the Phoenix so book early! She has performed in 2016 at The Brit Awards Official After-Party at the 02, Cannes Film Festival, Prague Fringe Festival and did a week’s run at the Camden Fringe 2015. Online, her 120 videos include her ‘Songs of Brexit’ webseries as featured on London Live (Marysia is an ex banker), her ‘Song of The Week’ forecasts and the 13 part webseries Songs Of Soho looking at what the buildings sing to her. She is planning weekly videos of the Edinburgh buildings, watch out for ‘Songs of Edinburgh”

***** Completely bonkers in a good way London Theatre 1

**** Holds the audience in the palm of her hands.. a stunning 4 star performance’ Comedy Coroner

**** ‘leaves you laughing long after you have (left)” Younger Theatre

**** Can work a crowd like no other Grumpy Gay Critic

**** A gloriously entertaining night out Female Arts

**** Certainly knows how to entertain Three Weeks

Phoenix Artist Club Covent Garden, London
Oct 6th the Ed Free Fringe show
Oct 11th The Singing Psychic GameShow
7PM – 9pm double bill with Serafina Salvador & bar open til 2,30am after
Oct 6th details and booking
Oct 11th tickets and details
East End Londontown mix produced by Andrew John Hyde Marysia Trembecka/AndrewHyde
Food also available if required before/after thw show as they have an award winning restaurant