Sagittarius reading: keep them amused or else!

‘Passionate, love to travel & often have 1 night stands’  – yes it is the Sagittarius zodiac sign reading by The Singing Psychic ‘Girls you know you betta watch out’ ‘ dating Sagittarians means you have to keep them on their toes or you will get dumped! can be exciting stuff..  – the songs in […]

‘Call me, maybe’ – the songs in every Libran’s heart by The Singing Psychic

Libran’s are charming, fun but will keep weighing things up so if you are dating one they could drive you crazy.

Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was.. Virgo horoscope reading

Virgos are all about perfectionism and using their intellect, but they can harshly judge themselves and others. Virgo zodiac sign horoscope reading by The Singing Psychic where she goes into the songs she hears in Virgo hearts.