The song that William Blake House sings Episode 3, Songs Of Soho

Here is Episode 3 of my Songs Of Soho webseries where I, The Singing Psychic, read the songs that the building in which the great painter and poet William Blake was born. He was a true Soho-ite, not only because he spent his life bar a few years living in Soho and died in a house in Charing Cross. However the sense of freedom, his argument against State control and laws on homosexuality, prostitution and adultery was so very part of the Soho freedom we all like to enjoy.

I am loving how my webseries is part documentary, the truth these buildings sing to me is uncontestable.

The webseries is coming out every two weeks now and I am doing some gigs in London this summer in July and August including a week at the Camden Fringe at the Tristan Bates Theatre, August 17th to the 22nd 2015. Tickets and further details are here.


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