Live from Houses of Parliament & UK Referendum vote prediction!

Me, live at the Houses of Parliament today, singing the songs I hear in the voters’ hearts. Plus I make a prediction on the vote based on that ๐Ÿ˜‰ I predict the UK Referendum result – Live from… by TheSingingPsychic

Songs of Brexit trailer!

Hello darlings, I am writing this from Prague as I am doing some wonderful shows here as part of the Prague Fringe Festivals. However even in the midst of the excitement of having new hearts to read my webseries SONGS OF BREXIT is launching tomorrow Friday June 3rd at 10 am UK time. Here is […]

Episode 4: the Old Marquee Wardour St throbbing rock and roll

Yes I am having way too much fun ‘reading’ the songs that pour out of the Old Marquee on Wardour Street that throbs rock and roll.

The song that William Blake House sings Episode 3, Songs Of Soho

Episode 2 of my comedy web series.

Here is Episode 2 of my SONGS OF SOHO webseries, this week I look at the songs that Soho Square sings to me ๐Ÿ˜‰ As you know I, The Singing Psychic, walks through a world of music: peopleโ€™s hearts sing to me and even buildings themselves canโ€™t help but sing their songs to me! This […]