Song of the week forecast: Cherish what you have today

Hello darlings, hope you having a fabulous weekend. The sun is finally peeking through across Europe and the song i can hear that is influencing your week ahead is ‘7 weeks’ Lukas Graham’, especially the following lyrics:

“I only see my goals, I don’t believe in failure,
Cos i know the smallest voices, they can make it major”

This song is very powerful this week as you are looking at what you need to do as the summer ahead looms large. You may feel that you are not getting results as quickly as you want in work and indeed in love. Just keep in mind that oak trees take years to grow and we need to learn to love the daily journey

and happiness lies in working towards our dreams whilst being grateful for what we have today. So all week I want you to think of three different things you are super grateful for just before you go to sleep each night. Celebrate the small wins and the friendship around you whilst you look ahead at what you really want.

It is also important to closely look at who around you you should listen to. Your closest friends and family may love you, but that does not mean they always understand you and your dreams. That is OK, just let them be themselves but ignore any negative comments that may be coming your way this week. Some constructive criticism can be useful but you have to respect the source, only you can decide whether it is useful feedback or should just be ignored. Whatever happens do not take negative commments personally and let them effect your mood.

You may be also finding some extra discipline to get your daily routines in order, if you haven’t yet then look at what single small action or new habit you can start today that takes you were you need to go. For some of you that is going to the gym, deciding to only drink once a week, daily singing practice (think that is advice for myself as well!).

For quite a few of you, a cut-off time on social media each night would be a very good habit to implement (yes I am talking to YOU!).

I will be heading off to Cannes festival this week for 10 days as I am doing a couple of gigs there, a few premieres and some meetings.
Here is my SONGS OF CANNES video from last year, it got quite exhausting looking that beautiful for all those premieres.

Song of the week the singing psychic forecast

See you on the red carpet!