Live from Houses of Parliament & UK Referendum vote prediction!

Me, live at the Houses of Parliament today, singing the songs I hear in the voters’ hearts. Plus I make a prediction on the vote based on that 😉

I predict the UK Referendum result – Live from… by TheSingingPsychic

If you still wondering (4 hours left to vote) my 19 episode webseries Songs Of Brexit covers all the main issues- balanced facts and figures, no yelling but with song. Watch it here.

The Singing Psychic reads the songs in everyone’s hearts and every Londoner’s heart is singing ‘Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now?”. So she has made a 18 episode webseries looking at the pros and cons of the EU/Brexit debate – no yelling, just balanced facts and figures but with song.

There is a new video up daily until the Brexit vote June 23rd when I will be live streaming from the Houses of Parliament.
All new episodes are up on Daily Motion

Episode 1: Introduction and overall view of what Songs Of Brexit is about, covering the pros and cons of all sides of the EU referendum, no yelling, facts and figures but with song.

Episode 2 Why is the UK in the EU?
This episode looks at the trade data, how the EU is the world’s largest trading zone, and 500 million wealthy customers

Episode 3 – The UK economy – goods and how our large amount of imports from the EU will make everyday food costs go up if the UK leaves the EU.

Episode 4 – UK services is where it wins across the world

Episode 5 ‘Let’s stay together’ What the £ is singing!
Episode 5 is on the UK currency and it’s current weakness against the US Dollar and the Euro.

Episode 6 ‘Cry Me A River’ Ep 6 EU trade agreement renegotiation if the UK leaves the EU
Episode 6 is about renegotiation of new trade agreements if the UK does leave the EU on June 23rd, possible outcome.

Episode 7 ‘I don’t like Mondays’ Immigration into the UK, 1st of 3 short videos on immigration, this one focuses on EU migrants in the UK. All those scary statistics are looked at (with song) and the facts without hysteria.

Episode 8 ‘Que Sera, Sera’ Ep 8 UK expats abroad
Episode 8 is the second of 3 short videos on immigration within SONGS OF BREXIT, this one focuses on British expats living in the EU but not in the UK.
Episode 9 is the third of 3 short videos on immigration within SONGS OF BREXIT, this one focuses on how the EU always links freedom of movement (migration) with all trade agreements

Episode 10
Facts include 38% of all lamb and mutton sales go to the EU (non UK) and £200 million of lamb was sold to France in 2014 alone.

Ep 11 Single Farm Payment UK Farmers Songs of Brexit, The Singing Psychic
‘Eat The Rich” the EU Single Farm Payment – how it is calculated, who gets it and possible consequences of Brexit.

Ep 12 Go Hug a banker
This episode is all about how the City of London may be affected by a Brexit vote and exactly how financial services contribute to the UK GDP

Episode 13 ‘Gotta move these refrigerators’ Big v Small Corporations – This episode is all about how depending on whether you work for, or are a big or small company, how the EU effects you.

Episode 14 ‘Marry a lawyer’
This is about all the EU legislations embedded within the UK legal system.
Episode 15 looks at the EU opt-outs. The UK has more opt-outs than any other country including not being forced to have the Euro, be in a European superstate or part of a European army

Episode 16
‘If you love me, say that you love me’
What other EU nations think of the UK referendum and the current situations of Turkey and Switzerland.

Episode 17 looks at the structure of the European Parliament, who the people are who vote on the EU laws that then are integrated into the UK legal system and the idealogical ideas of sovereignty and globalisation. Do you want to have directly elected UK MPs having more control over UK laws or are the ideals of Europe and the 751 MEPs who are also directly elected by voters in each EU member state , more important along side the advantages,

Episode 18
What the polls are saying, everyone’s vote really does count as the undecided vote seems to have increased.