Live TV interview (London Live) emerges ahead of tomorrow’s London show!

The lost interview emerges 😉
Last August 2015, The Singing Psychic was interviewed on London Live TV ahead of her Camden fringe shows. We thought her first live TV appearance was lost. However the fabulous Catherine Arton, producer, casting director and all round wonderful woman realised she had this still recorded on her TV for posterity!

London Live TV interview Singing Psychic – live… by TheSingingPsychic
So yes there are some interesting camera angles as it was recorded playing on a TV but… it is a fun interview and explains all you need to know to get yourself to the nearest Singing Psychic gig!
Of course the next Singing Psychic gig is indeed tomorrow, Thursday 28th July 7pm in London before the run in Edinburgh

Link for more info and buy tickets is

Edinburgh & London trailer The Singing Psychic by TheSingingPsychic

London Preview
July 28th 2016
Phoenix Arts Club, Soho London
7pm £8
This preview is an Edinburgh double bill as i am doing my show and Serafina Salvador’s Don’t Blame The Bankers $t00pid

Edinburgh Fringe 2016
Aug 7-27th 2016
The Street, Venue 239
7.45pm Free Fringe

Further details to follow or go to