Sold out London show – thanks ;))

Dear Singing Psychic-ettes, I just had to say thank you for your fabulousness 😉 The London preview show at the Phoenix Artist Club was sold out online so quickly and plenty of you turned up to buy returns at the door.

Along with the ‘Don’t Blame It On The Bankers $t00pid’ show of my fabulous friend and performer Serafina Salvador we had such a great audience that we are booking ourselves back in for another show once we both finish our Edinburgh Fringe runs. I has some lovely feedback from some of the audience.
Here is the new trailer

You can find me in Edinburgh, shows are free and unticketed so you just need to turn up and enjoy 😉 I am doing PBH’s free Fringe so you get a chance to cross my palm with notes (silver is so old fashioned) at the end of the show.
Details are here

Edinburgh Fringe 2016
Aug 7-27th 2016
The Street, Venue 239
7.45pm (55 minute show) PBH’s Free Fringe